Monday, February 9, 2009

Chippy Cupboard

Don't you just love this "Chippy Cupboard" I just couldn't resisit bringing this one home,,this is what is looks like after I gave it a good wash down,,it was really dirty.I sanded it just a bit as I wanted the paint to stay on hence the name"Chippy Cupboard".You wouldn't believe what I had to dig thru to get this cupboard out. It was a mess,but so well worth it. It is missing some knobs,but I will find some and replace them. I added some stain to it today to tone down some of the white paint. I will post it after I finish it. Seems like I am possessed with buying sellers cabinets and hutches and cupboards. I have bought 3 in the past 3 weeks. They just keep calling my name and I just keep answering the call. This one will go to my new space at the Salisbuy Emporium in Salisbury,NC. I will post all that info later

Monday, February 2, 2009

Annie Mae and Ginger

Here is the latest creation that I had been working on. I named her Annie Mae,I don't know why,just did. She turned out really neat. I did some grunging on her,not too much.She is holding her favorite friend,Ginger.The colors on her just matched her hair,how special??Will be adding more things as I get them ready. It want be long before spring is here( I wish).I hope Spring didn't hear that the groundhog saw his shadow.

My Beautiful Old Stove

Just wanted to share a picture of my old stove that I got for Christmas. It is a 1930's electric stove,and it still works. It is in great shape. This thing was pretty fancy back in 1930,don't you think?? I saw it in a hardware warehouse,couldn't believe it. Bought it,called my husband and told him I needed a favor.He said where are you and what have you bought?Well he went and picked it up for me,it weighs about 300lbs.So it will have to stay put in the spot in the shop for now,,,